Seminar “Sustainable thinks and Things”

The seminar day was on the second day, August 4th, 2018. The first seminar was by Singgih S. Kartono, the founder of Spedagi.
He presented about the history of Spedagi, starting from Magno, Spedagi bamboo bikes, International Conference on Village Revitalization (ICVR), and up to now when it has grown into a movement of people pursuing life and work in villages.

The second seminar was by Fransisca Callista, the project manager of Pasar Papringan and also the Chair of The Third International Conference on Village Revitalization (ICVR#3). She presented about the history and progress of Pasar Papringan, a bamboo grove revitalization initiative into a local modernized traditional market. She also presented about the upcoming ICVR#3 which will be held in November 2018 at Pasar Papringan location in Java, Indonesia.

The third speaker, Mantoku Nakano, was presented through a video letter, because his health condition did not allow him to travel far. He started his presentation by talking about about Ato area, where he was born ninety five years ago. He also shared about his life history, his works on making knitting needle out of Japanese Take, and his philosophy on it.
You can see his  video letter ↓

The fourth seminar was by Fumikazu Masuda, the representative director of open house inc. and the director of Spedagi Japan inc. He mainly presented about the event theme: Sustainable Thinks and Things. His talk was about the history of international sustainable design, his philosophy on S.L.O.C concept (Small, Local, Open, Connected) which also has become one of the backbone of Spedagi international movement. The seminar day was closed by a Question and Answer session, discussion, exchanging of name cards and a small dinner of local Japanese sushi.