Bamboo Runbike Art Exhibition is being held now.

An exhibition of bamboo run bike made from bamboo and Tama wood is being display at “Machinaka Kyu-keijyo Hachioji syuku ” in Hachioji!

There are 3 sessions,  each time we will change the bikes and exhibit a total of 40 bikes!
In this exhibition, we will exhibit various run bike art created in collaboration with run bikes, students, various traditional craftsmen in Hachioji, companies with advanced technology, imaginative local people, and children.

[Date and time]
1st:  July 3rd(Sat) – July 16th(Fri)

2nd: July 25(Sun) -August 7 (Sat)

3rd : August 23 (Mon) -September 5 (Sun)
* Run bikes will be replaced during the exhibition period.

Machi-Naka Gallery Hall (Machi-Naka Kyuukeijyo Hachioji-syuku 2nd floor)