spedagi Indonesia with KAZE-travel co. hold a tour in Indonesia

▶June 29 Briefing session ▶September 12 Indonesia Tour

A tour to Temanggung, Central Java, Indonesia will be held from September 12th  to 16th under collaboration with Japanese travel agency “Kaze no ryokousha” and Spedagi of Indonesia.
You can get farther information from Kaze-travel company website or Facebook pages.
If you are interested in participation, please come join us at the seminar held at Kaze-travel Co. on June 29 (Saturday) at Kaze-travel Co. in Nakano, Tokyo.

About the June 29th event http://www.kaze-travel.co.jp/ev-spedagi.html
About the September 12 Tour

※ This tour is cosponsored by spedagi of Indonesia and wind travel agency.